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Coronavirus Covid-19

COVID-19 has made our lives turn upside down. Our ‘Normal’ has changed. Our lives have changed. The world is under lockdown and the economies are suffering.
Dr. IT Group of Institutes is also closely monitoring the situation and through this medium, we are updating the latest information available on COVID-19.

We Shall Overcome! - Our Chairman C.A (Dr.) M.K. Mahajan’s message on Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Dr. IT Family,

I pray and hope for the safety for everyone. We all are very well aware that the ongoing pandemic situation worldwide is aggravating by each passing day. And as we all know that it was decided to minimize the interaction in the campus from 3rd week of March in order to protect our students and staff members. This has now been backed by the Government as well. As you would be aware that we are in transition from offline mode of learning to online mode of learning; I appreciate the efforts put in by all the faculty members in this smooth transition. I thank you for your continuous support in these testing times for us all. If any of you face any difficulty, I am available to solve it. The safety of our staff members and our students is of utmost priority for us. That is why, online mode of classes is going to continue for quite some time as per guidelines issued by the University and other Government authorities. I request the students as well as their parents to understand the gravity of the situation and participate in the online classes with same enthusiasm as you used to participate in the offline mode. While amidst all this, we have to take care of our health and the health of our loved ones too. As a community, as a family, we have to make sure that we are safe and don’t put safety of others at risk. I would recommend small steps that you should undertake in order to ensure safety of everyone. Always wear a mask when you are interacting with someone else. Sneeze or cough while covering your mouth with elbow or tissue. Avoid going out unnecessarily. Drink hot or warm water. You can even drink warm water with lemon, tulsi and honey. Work to boost up your immunity. With negativity and fear spreading all around, try to keep your mind calm and positive. These small steps will help us fight this deadly virus and come victorious out of it.
We at Dr. IT Family know that joint efforts by us all can help us fight and achieve success against this pandemic. Together, We shall Overcome! God Bless Us All!

Corona Virus Updates

    6th May,2021
  • COVID-19- Vaccination camp held at Dr. IT Group, Mohali premises.
  • 17th June,2020
  • Mission Fateh Punjab- by Punjab Government
  • 16th June,2020
  • Webinar on Mental Health- A Priority during Pandemic
  • 5th June,2020
  • Webinar on Future of Education Post COVID-19 times!
  • 5th April,2020
  • Covid-Katha by Government of India
  • 29th March,2020
  • We shall Overcome! – Chairman’s Message on Covid-19 Pandemic
  • 12th March,2020
  • Seminar on Corona Virus: Precautions and Implications.
  • 4nd March,2020
  • Seminar on Corona Virus: How to be tackled in India?

COVID-19- Vaccination camp held at Dr. IT Group ,Mohali.

A successful vaccination drive was held at Dr IT Group at our Mohali premises. Dr IT pledges to stand by the fellow citizens in these testing times.

Seminar on Corona Virus: How to be tackled in India?

A seminar on the topic Corona Virus: How to be tackled in India, was held at Dr. IT Group of Institutes, for creating awareness about the spreading pandemic world. Our two faculty members, Dr. Suprina Sharma and Ms. Shruti Sharma, apprised the students about Corona virus. The speakers said that the virus belonged to the family of SARS virus and is related to respiratory syndromes. However, the human beings have been affected for the first time with it. Slowly, worldwide, it is taking the shape of a pandemic.
We can control its spread by keeping points of personal hygiene well in mind. Social distancing and sneezing with mouth covered with tissue or elbow should be followed. Director Prof. P. P. Arya also apprised the students regarding the safety measures and their importance in our day to day lives.

Seminar on Corona Virus: Precautions and Implications.

A seminar on Corona Virus- Precautions and Implications was held at Dr. IT Group of Institutes, Banur. As COVID-19 pandemic has already reached India, so, in order to make students aware of the precautions, the speaker, Dr. Shruti Sharma, Assistant Professor, Dr. IT Group of Institutes, told the students about Corona Virus. In the terms of Precautions, the students were made aware about the importance of Social Distancing i.e. to remain at least 3 meters distant from each other, as per the guidelines issued by World Health Organization. The students were also told to curtail their visits to public places and remain indoors as much as possible. Wearing mask in public might help in containing the virus. If anyone gets the symptoms of COVID-19, the person should see a doctor as soon as possible in order to avoid dire implications like aggravation of disease, spreading of disease etc. Director, Prof. P.P Arya also told the students to be as careful as possible because taking precautions can actually help in containing this pandemic.

Mission Fateh Punjab