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Chairman’s Message

With the blessings of our revered Brahmleen Anant Shri Vibhushit Jagadguru Shankaracharya Jyotishpidhadhishwar Swami Shri Madhvashram Maharaj ji, we have become a respectable name in the education sector. My Guru Ji always says 'सा विद्या या विमुक्तये' that is ‘Knowledge is that, which liberates’. I am very pleased to perceive that Dr IT Group of Institutes is continuing to grow from strength to strength with every passing year and imparting education to the future of the country and helping in liberating the youth from the clutches of darkness of the unknown. I pray that God continues to shower His choicest blessings on the members of the Dr IT family and on all their endeavors. The primary goal of education is to craft human being, who is competent enough of searching new horizons, not repeating what other generations have done — who are inspired, ingenious and pioneer of truth.

Today, there is crucial need to strengthen humanistic values like love and respect. For this we need to have a generation of young people committed to empathy and tolerance. At Dr IT Group of Institutes, we balance academics with a strong emphasis on the teachings of the moral and ethical values. The remarkable performance of students in various fields and optimum result of Dr IT Group of Institutes speaks about the excellent quality of education being bestowed by the institution and of all the hard work put in by our academicians. We sincerely hope that in search of monetary treasures we do not let go of our invaluable human values of love and compassion. Through this we hope to strengthen ourselves morally to meet the requirement of the times. I am personally convinced that this is absolutely necessary to face the challenges of life.

The education system adapted by the Dr IT Group of Institutes not only educates the acquisition of facts, but teaches how to make facts live. We believe that if we learn with pleasure, we never forget. Better learning environment, holistic education system, innovative teaching approaches, we provide at the campus, motivate the students to learn more and assist them in building their excellent career. Our distinctive learning methodology through all modern teaching facilities will equip the students to meet the challenges of global market and gives a high reputation among employers. Overall, we are committed to build a congenial atmosphere to create an intellectual community. For my students, I wish to suggest that it’s too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something for you someday- that someday is now and somebody is you. So stand up to be a torch bearer for the world. I convey my heartiest blessings to the students and fraternity.

I am confident that the students will continue to remain dedicated to the noble cause of education and nation building. I invite you all to experience the taste of an excellence education by stepping in to Dr IT Group of Institutes and by broadening your horizons, shape your future.

[CA (Dr.) M.K. Mahajan]